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Help to identify parts - BT7


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I received some parts with my Tricarb. I have identified most of them, but not those on the attached pictures. If ayone knows what they are I would be greatful to be enlightened.


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I don't think either of those--esp. the eye bolts--go on a Healey (at least, there aren't any of these on my BN2 and BJ8). The second one could be a brake cylinder piston, but not for a Healey.

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Don't remember seeing either of those on my Tri-carb. but there were some things like the gearbox that had already been rebuilt so i did not go in to them.


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The second picture looks like an overdrive accumulator piston with an 'O' ring conversion - AH Spares part OVD202A

The eye bolts in the first pic, I think are part of the seat belt anchorage ( I have them in a box of bits from my tricarb, yet to be fitted, but can't see them in the parts list so far!!!)


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Thanks! That can well be correct, the OD was rebuilt about a year before I purchased the car so the piston may have been replaced.
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The second picture looks like an overdrive accumulator piston with an 'O' ring conversion - AH Spares part OVD202A ...

I think we have a winner, though it's curious that it wasn't installed since the O-ring is supposed to be superior to the metal-ringed type (at least according to AHS). The DWR uprated accumulator still uses the steel rings. The activating pistons went from steel rings to O-rings in later cars.

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Yes its an upgraded OD piston .


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I believe that it was replaced for some reason (hopefully with another upgraded piston) when the OD was rebuilt. The one I received has been in a car, it can be seen on the top of the piston (not visible in pic though).

Any ideas on the bracket in the same picture as the eye bolts?
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