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GT6 Help electrical guru needed


Freshman Member
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My horn, interior light, flasher and radio have stopped working in my Triumph GT6 MKIII. Checked the bottom fuse (Of the 3 in the original fuse box). It was blown. I changed it and it promptly went again. I took my dash out and checked for dodgy wires and changed a connector on the flasher unit. I put another fuse in and it didn't blow but none of the above instruments would still not work. Help.........Any suggestions welcome


Great Pumpkin
Checked wires, changed flasher connection, new fuse, no short - but devices still not working. I'm thinking a ground strap has come loose.

Do you have a wiring diagram which shows ground wire/straps? I've attached a few which might help. Sorry but I'm not a GT6 owner.

Tom M.


  • GT6 Mk III wiring layout.jpg
    GT6 Mk III wiring layout.jpg
    59.6 KB · Views: 48
  • Mk 3 GT6 70_73.jpg
    Mk 3 GT6 70_73.jpg
    62 KB · Views: 49
  • GT6 Workshop Manual -page 489 -490.pdf
    72.7 KB · Views: 45


Great Pumpkin
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Looks like the top fuse supplies power to all the things not working. Use a 12V test light to see if power is going to that fuse from the brown wire at one end. It should be "hot" with ignition on or off. Then check the other side of the fuse to see if voltage is getting through.


Obi Wan
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Electrical troubleshooting is just a matter of following the clues and eliminating possibilities until you locate the problem. If you replaced the fuse and the components that are powered by it are not working, you almost certainly are losing power at the block--that's the only place that's common to all of them. It's very likely that something in the connection to the fuse block is loose and shorting somewhere. Depending on the design of the block, it might be on the underside where you can't see it.

Light fixtures are another common location for shorts. There are always spots where wires can fray easily or there is little clearance between parts that must stay separated.
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