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Hello All, First post, Bolt Torque Question


Freshman Member
Hello to all! I just discovered the site and this is my first posting. I have been back into Triumphs for about a year after about 15 years without. I am putting together a Spit Six with a recently acquired, supposedly low mileage (seems the guy was truthful after looking inside anyway) '73 TR6 engine. I'm just putting things back together after checking her over and have not aquired a TR6 book yet. I'm wondering if someone could look up some torque specs for me? I need the numbers for the head nuts, rocker shaft nuts, main crank journal cap bolts, flywheel bolts, and perhaps the bolts that hold the rear oil seal housing if given.

Also have a GT6+ as an almost daily driver, and TR3A awaiting restoration.


You will get several different settings as it seems every book is different. Even the factory shop manuals. Here is what the BL Repair Operation Manual states.
Head 80 lbs.
Rocker shaft 26 lbs.
Mains 60 lbs.
Flywheel 60 lbs.
Connecting Rods 42 lbs.
Rear housing 14 lbs.

Good luck


Freshman Member
Thanks Doug! These numbers are consistent with a couple of scanned pages sent to me by another member.
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