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Heat shield for HS8 carbs


Jedi Knight
Cross posted from the 6-pack:

I know almost nobody has HS8 carbs installed, but I thought I'd share this with the group anyway.

With the headers right below, the carbs were getting so hot that I could barely touch them. So I fabbed up a dual layer heat shield out of poster board and had a local metal shop cut it out for me and bend it.

After a ton of research, I found that single layer shields aren't nearly as effective as dual layer. I've got about 1/8" of air and insulated with gasket material were it's bolted together. Turned out pretty nice for someone that doesn't know what he's doing!!!

I finished too late last night to fire it up, but I hope to test it out today.

Completed project:


Side view showing the dual layers of stainless:


I'm using the Ratco linkage, this is how I'm handling it going through the shield. The bolt in the center of the pic goes through the shield and serves to adjust the horizontal plane and also keeps it from vibrating.




Looks nice Shannon,

I have one of the first A.R.E. tri-carb heat shields. I painted the hot side white with high temp paint and the carbs are cool to the touch after an hour long drive. This is over an uncoated header. I know a double layer heat shield with an air space would be even better, but right now I don't think I need it.


Great Pumpkin

Now if you could only get some nice red paint on that engine..............

Seriously though, you did a very nice job with the shield.

And think about the red.....


Jedi Knight
Brosky said:

Now if you could only get some nice red paint on that engine..............

Seriously though, you did a very nice job with the shield.

And think about the red.....

Hey! I've got red spark plug wires! What more could you want? :smile:
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