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Healey on "Masterpiece Mystery"


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The most recent episode of the "Endeavour" series on PBS, entitled "Ride" features a very nice Healey Blue/OEW car (along with some lesser cars like E-Types and TRs :devilgrin:)that someone has scratched a message into the front wing. It's on tonight in a number of locations or you can see it here at 22:00: https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/masterpiece/...ur-s3-e1-ride/


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Just watched the movie Bullit yesterday and saw a BRG 3000 in the chase scene and a white AH 3000 parked on the street near the end of the movie. I had forgotten that 2 different AH 3000's were in the movie. That chase scene is really something.

Jim 58 BN6

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That's the greatest, and also probably the first really good movie car chase. I still love it!

The hilly part is the result of really clever camera positioning and editing. If you watch carefully, a lot of it is the same scene taken from many different camera angles. I've also always wanted one of those 7 speed transmissions that he had in that Mustang!

My brother had a Charger exactly like the one the bad guys drive-another one of those cars that should have been kept-but who knew?


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My brother had a Charger exactly like the one the bad guys drive-another one of those cars that should have been kept-but who knew?

The Bullitt Charger is a '68. I have made some really dumb decisions in my life, including passing up a measly extra $500 for a Hemi engine when I went down to the dealer to order my 383 '69 Charger with the 4-speed and Hurst shifter. But I've also made some good ones, including still owning the car. Such a shame that so many of the Chargers were destroyed in making movies, and so many of the survivors have been turned into General Lee clones.

The white 3000 at the end of Bullitt is a BJ7. The license plate is visible, and I read somewhere that someone knew who owns it.


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For PBS fans : Inspector Lewis - Series 3 set - the episode is called "The Dead of Winter".
Young woman of the manor drives up in a red BJ7 or 8. First, a glimpse of it driving by in the distance, then she pulls in.


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Yep, I guess I read that on the BCF way back in 2012. Thanks Rick!
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