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Healey 100/4 from the Bahamas

Neil bacon

Freshman Member
Hi all I am a new to this forum,and need help to find out about the history of this car,it was in Nassau in 1955/56/57 and then came back to the uk,it has been reported to have raced there and Sebring .i have been given drivers names but cannot link the car yet so hoping someone can help with some info if anyone can assist in my quest I wood be grateful thanks.neil:encouragement:


Luke Skywalker
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Pictures, race numbers, registration, etc. would be a good starting point to provide the forum with if you seek assistance with it's history.....

Neil bacon

Freshman Member
Thank you for the replies re my enquiries on the Austin Healey

The car was re imported via Trinidad from the Bahamas to the Uk in 1958

Therefore the registration number and the car was registered for the first time in 1958 here in the UK

It was then given the registration number URK 397 so prior to this we do not know the previous registration but possibility a Bahamian registration

The gentlemen who previously owned the car from 1958 - 1971 met me by a chance meeting in 1981 explaining he was the previous owner of my car which I had purchased in 1980

He went on to explain that the car had raced at the Bahamas Speed Week along with its sister car which was an Austin Healey 100S

He had brought his car the 1004 that he had in back from the Bahamas in 1958

He also mentioned that his Healey had been involved in a car crash while in his ownership
At this time the cars colours were green and yellow

He sold the car in 1971 and 2 x owners later I found it in 1980 in a garage and purchased it
where upon I restored it from the green and yellow changing the colours to what it is now which is blue and cream

I sold the car in 1985 and a few owners later much to my delight I re purchased the car again last year

I have been been doing a lot of research on the cars history and the heritage certificate shows it was destined for Sidney Australia in Feb 1955 as a right hand export but for some reason arrived in the Bahamas instead , this mystery I am trying to uncover

The car has a full Le Mans Kit which was fitted at the factory here in Warwick UK when new with all the rare original parts

Subsquently now back in my ownership we have found an email from Yanos Wimpffen that there were no 100M's racing at Sebring in the 56/58 races , of the cars in the 55 race most were left hand drive one likely exception was entered by Bahamian Sidney Oakes the co driver was his wife Greta Oakes
with Venezuelan Juan Fernandez listed but not actually driving

With such a pan-Caribbean cast , it is just possible this was my car as there was only one right hand drive car and as afore mentioned mine is right hand drive

With Donald Healey being great friends with Sidney and Greata Oakes he often loaned cars out for Bahamas Speed Week

One car being the registration NOJ 393

Any info on my car would be very much appreciated



Luke Skywalker
Country flag
Have you seen Terry O'Neil's book, "The Bahamas Speedweeks"? It contains listings of all the cars entered and drivers.

Here's a few highlights from 1956-57.

Nassau 1956.jpg

1956 Bahamas Governor's Race Entries.jpg

1957 Bahamas Memorial GT Race.jpg

157 Bahamas AC Bristol Austin Healey Race.jpg

Neil bacon

Freshman Member

Yes, I met Terry six weeks ago. He said he was over in the UK. Nice guy. He said that he is going to look at photos and talk to some friends he has in Nassau about my car as he is writing a new book and also hopes to find links as to who raced the car. Thanks for the link.

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