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TR2/3/3A Headlight Hi beam floor button fail?


Obi Wan
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I normally don't recommend replacing electrical parts without making some tests to isolate the problem, but in this case I can't imagine much except the switch.

I assume that the hi beams stay on when you push the switch, and the lows just don't come on. If the hi beams go off but the lows don't come on, that could be the low-beam wiring from the switch.


Yes I would check the connections of the wiring before replacing the switch. Then again you might take the switch out and make sure it is functioning properly. On my own car I found a loose connection in the bullit connector.

Graham H

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I went to get in the car one day and found the outer button and innards of the switch on the floor, the rivet holding the outer button had come out. I ordered a new one from the usual suspects and found it created a delay when changing from high to lo which suggested to me that it may not make good contact and the lights may go out so i put the original back together with a pop rivet to hold the button back on. It's been working as it should for the last 8 or 9 years if you can't fix it try for a second hand original rather than the after market ones on offer.



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That is the only switch in the TR3 that I could not rebuild. I had to buy a new one when mine died.

Graham H

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If you drill the rivet out in the centre of the cap all the innards will spring out that's what happened to mine and left greasy marks on my new carpet into the bargain.

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