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HD8 carb float bowls


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I was looking to replace the fibre washers on the float bowls of my BJ8s carbs and noticed I may have a problem.

Can someone confirm that the float bowl lids are handed? The lids that fit on the front carb and the rear carb are both identical on my car and wont allow me to fit the jointing fuel pipe.
If someone could post a picture that would be even better, then I can see exactly how things should look.
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One of my BJ8's carbs has an almost identical 'scar' on the dashpot as the front carb in the photo. I always assumed a PO accidentally nicked it against a grinder or something; now, I wonder if that was some sort of flaw or mistake that happened at the manufacturer.


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Thanks Randy,

well that answers that! Looks like I need to get hold of the correct float bowl lid. Not sure if theses are available from the parts suppliers or if its autojumble time?

Bob, mine seems to have the scar too?
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You will VERY OFTEN find a single vertical scratch on the first carb, and a pair of them on the second. If you're really lucky, you'll see a trio of them on carb #3__old trick to keep from mixing them up.


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Randy Forbes said:
If you're really lucky, you'll see a trio of them on carb #3__old trick to keep from mixing them up.
I suppose you could mark the third one, but if some one <span style="font-style: italic">needed</span> it marked to figure out its placement, they shouldn't be messing around under the hood. :wink:
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