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Hard top parts needed


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Hello all,
I am in need of a part from a hard top for a 4 seater. I purchased a 4 seat hardtop off of ebay and when it arrived from Fedex freight it was damaged. I am very disapointed as the top was in nice shape (needed to be restored but undamaged). I now need to source the rear extruded aluminum piece that makes up the bottom of the hardtop. This is the trim piece that the window seal fits into and follows the curve of the body. It also holds the seal for the hardtop to body interface. I would hopefully find some one with a damaged fiberglass structure but a good aluminum channel or even a lead on a replacement top. I have a claim in with Fedex so I hope to get reimbursed which ever route I can manage. I would like to repair this one either way and hate to waste the top, but that aluminum piece is severely twisted and mangled I am not sure if it would ever be right again. I also need a set of the J hooks that mount it to the car and the front padded header to finish of the headliner. I have found these part from a source in the U.K. but if I am able to source the aluminum channel from a used damaged top maybe these parts will be available at the same time. Thanks and any suggestions would be appreciated.


p.s. I have seen current aftermarket tops but I don't think they look as nice as these old original tops.


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Hey Jim,
You can get most hardtop parts from Cape International in UK. This may be same source you already know about but just in case. Their website is as follows:


I purchased seals, j-hooks from them and quality is excellent. Do not know if they sell the piece you are looking for but if anyone does would be them !



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yes that is who I found but did not see that rear channel. Hopefully someone might have a used one to part out.
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