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TR2/3/3A Happy with my Paltech Carb rebuild


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I finally gave up on my adjustments and tuning of HS6 carbs (AUC786) on my TR3. My original set needed throttle shaft bushings and upgraded o-rings versus cork seals on the jet bearings. New “super dry” jet bearings didn’t help – I think they were just tired. I purchased a used set of carbs (AUC878) that had been rebuilt by one of the best in the business but sat unused on a shelf for a long time, the float bowls leaked. So, I boxed up my originals with the intake manifold and linkages and sent them off to Paltech Technologies. We’ve all seen pictures of Jeff’s work. The pictures don’t lie. His micro polishing process produces works of art. And they work! At first, I had a couple leaks at the banjo fittings but got that sorted with his help. Finally, I have adjustable mixtures, idle speed, and the choke works. Did I mention that they look great? Jeff was excellent to work with, good communication, no surprises and he said to keep asking questions until I was happy. I highly recommend his work.
No financial incentive.

Paltech 1.jpgPaltech 2.jpgPaltech.jpg


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Those look great, a shame to have to keep them under the bonnet.


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I had Jeff do mine in summer 2017. Mysteriously, I cracked a cylinder head stud (original from 1966). Meant I had to pull the head. So, I used the opportunity to send the carbs and intake out to Paltech.

Carbs ran perfect from moment installed and still look fantastic. I seem to recall turnaround time wasn't too bad either. Couldn't be happier.



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The cost was $100 more than what his website currently says, $795 for the two carbs, linkage, and manifold. $100 less if you drop the manifold. It took about a month to get them back.
Like Bob and I said, couldn't be happier with both looks and performance!


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That was then, this is now.
Ordered carbs for my TR3A over 4 months ago--in early Feb, paid 1/2 down--promised delivery in 8-10 weeks. Finally got a hold of Jeff in late April--he had been sick but promised delivery in 3 weeks, by mid May--of course, that time frame has come and gone. And no reply to text messages and no answering of telephone--complete ghosting. BAD NEWS. Sorry for his health, wish him well and God speed, but return my money and we'll all get along.
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