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Grease type for zerk fittings


Obi Wan
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I have a grease gun that holds a 14oz tube. What type/brand of grease do you recommend for front suspension, drive shaft, handbrake etc that have Zerk fittings.


Jedi Knight
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I've used Mobil 28 on many helicopters over the last 35 years. Works well, lasts a long time. Having voted for my favorite grease I'm sure there will be many write-in choices from people who have strong opinions. My opinion is not backed by extensive research, just experience. I'm sure any general purpose grease that doesn't liquify at moderate temperatures would be fine if you apply often and liberally. IMHO, proper lubrication intervals are more important than what you use for the application points in our cars.


Jedi Knight
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There you go, "Bob's your uncle" ( literally ). I'm with Bob, I was just a little shy of suggesting Harbor Freight grease but I'm sure it would be the best bang for the buck and do a fine job.
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It's 'Sta-Lube' brand; available at most parts houses (usually comes in a 3-pack; dunno about the 'lithium' part, but I've used it for years). CRC generally makes good stuff; e.g. brake parts cleaner, etc.

Addendum: I'm not buying the 'lithium' part. Moly-graph means it's made with molybdenum and graphite, don't think you'd mix lithium with moly. At any rate, it's a good GP grease, and the smaller, one-hand grease gun is the way to go.

If you can wait a couple days:



Jedi Warrior
I use Green Grease. Synthetic, water proof, high temp. Seems to stay put.


Darth Vader
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BCS recommended Red Line, they sell it, for the grease zerks and bearings. I use it.

Healey Nut

Luke Skywalker
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Our cars are British and have NIPPLES !!!!!!!!!! ........there I said it .
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