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Goodyear redline tires...


Jedi Hopeful
Whilst doing a bit of cleaning, I noticed that my spare is a Goodyear redline...

I'll take a picture L8R today.

Wonder if these are more gettable than the Michelins?


Obi Wan
Andrew do you know what tire came with the TR6 without the option?


Jedi Hopeful
Ayup, that's what's in there.

Says "Made In Great Britan" on it.

My camera is being cranky, so you'll hafta wait for the pictures.

The red stripe is a little thinner than on the Michelins.



Darth Vader
Andrew Mace said:
amcboy said:
...The red stripe is a little thinner than on the Michelins.
But the tread pattern is really cool. /bcforum/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/grin.gif

I remember in high school it was cool to have a white t-shirt with a tire tread running up the back... made a bunch of them. Also cool were the Mexican made sandals with tire treads for soles.

Just reminiscing on your tread pattern comment being cool.


Obi Wan
all the bugs like the Michelin's



I remember riding on Michelin Red Stripes in my other TR6. They may well have been period correct but they handled like may-pops. Lots of guys will keep a pretty set of mounted Red Lines in their trailer just for concours shows. But fast road they are not. I run 205/70R15 Michelin Hydroedge tires. Everything I could want in a fast road tire. Does Coker or others still offer real redlines? Last time I priced they were pretty expensive. Again, they are good for motoring around but certainly not high performance.


Freshman Member
TR6BILL, Coker continues to sell redlines under their brand name. I have noted that the quality of the tires has declined, which is sad given the price. I should know, as I own a set, but retired them quickly to storage and show only. The ride is awful and the blimishes on the tires are totally unacceptable. They are manufactured in Mexico. The best redline for the Six in the US is the Diamondback. It is usually based on the Yokohama T4 carcass...depending on the size ordered. I currently run Yoko TRZ 205/65/16 blackwalls on Panasports and they handle quite well. I know of no other sources for redlines at present.



Interesting, Tarheel, and welcome to the forum. Pity that the Coker redline is such a poor quality, and at a premium price.


Senior Member
Yes, Coker Classics does offer a redline tire. I bought a set last year to replace the original michelin redlines that were scary to look at, much less drive on.

The exact size escapes me, but I think they are a slightly larger tire than the original michelin specs. They weren't particularly cheap; however, there is no better look on a TR6 than redlines, in my opinion.



Freshman Member
Sorry for the delay in responding. I did not intend to imply that Diamondbacks are better than Goodyear. Diamondbacks are on the Yokohama carcass. Goodyear makes fine products as well. I referred to Cokers. The original Michelins for the TR6 were 185/82/15's. The Goodyear tire posted is 205/65/15, so be aware that there's roughly a 5% difference in overall diameter and speedo error, plus the width change. Here's the size calculator...use 185/80/15 as stock.


You'll have a similar problem with Diamondbacks, but they are available in 185/70/15. Hope that helps.


....ps...here's a Goodyear a bit closer to the original Michelin in thread width...185/65/15:

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