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Goodparts trailing arm bracket install question...


Luke Skywalker
So I purchased the Goodparts adjustable trailing arm brackets from TRF taking advantage of their 30% off sale. The problem is, after reading the instructions for the install, I was under the misconception that these brackets eliminated the need for <span style="font-weight: bold">shims</span> between the bracket and the frame. I think I was wrong as the instructions detail the need to install the proper shims. All the shims that were behind my OE brackets fell out when I removed them and are now in a neat, random pile on my garage floor. Now, the alignment shop that I use has plenty of shims and understands 4-wheel alignment but they are 30 miles away from me. Can I install the brackets without shims, snug everything down randomly, and drive the 30 miles up the highway to have them loosen the brackets and install shims.

Nice move on my part to just drop the old shims without recording how many went where. Not my day.


Bil, Bil, Bil!!!!

How many times have I preached about the use of
"work boards" and progress photos? An expert like you
should never have have this error.

Yeah, you can put it together, without the shims,
for a short, very slow 30 mile drive. Purchase an extra
lock washers for each bolt.

Here's an example of how a know nothing Rookie
handles such an event.





Jedi Hopeful
Yes, you still have to use the shims to adjust toe-in / toe-out (the brackets are only for camber). The problem with random assembly is that you could get various toe combinations - some of which can make the car unstable. If both wheels have toe in, you can drive it without too much worry. If they have toe out, the car can be unstable with a tendency to oversteer - be very careful. One in and one out will give oversteer turning one way but not the other. If it were me, I'd set up some strings parallel to the car's center line and put shims in until I got about the same toe-in on both sides.



I agree with Brian, Bill.

You can manage a "rough approx"
wheel align in yer garage.

But still drive slowly over to the alignment guy.



My frame has three shims at each point on both sides, if that is any help. It tracks straight with the GP brackets.
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