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GoodParts CV Axle Assemblies


Great Pumpkin
The axles arrived today in time for next Thursday's installation. Friday is the second BIG project. More on that later.




GoodParts Axle Installation


Jedi Knight
Oh!, now they're just beautiful!


Luke Skywalker
Country flag
Nice looking stuff, do they weigh less that the original axle assembly?


Great Pumpkin

I can tell you for sure, after I get the old one out, but I'd bet they weigh more. This weight, I'm happy to add on.


Great Pumpkin
Classic Technologies Fuse Panel installation next Friday. Three man team, me, Erik and Marc Goldblatt, the engineer who designed it. I will be writing and photographing a complete TR6 installation from start to finish.

I'll be posting some stuff here and 6-Pack, but my site will have it all.
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