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Going price for BJ8 glovebox lock


Obi Wan
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I've read over the years it's hard to find a glovebox lock for the BJ8.
My mechanic was given one and would like to know what the current approximate going price is.
It's in pristine condition. Not sure if reproductions are made, so I'll assume it's OEM.
He wants to put it on Ebay.


Jedi Hopeful
Hi Shawn,

Is it possible to swap tumblers on these? If I got one, I'd like to use my current key (it works in the boot, too).

Changing the tumbler is easy as long as the key and tumbler you have already work. There is a small grub screw on the underside of the lock to release the tumbler. Unscrew, make sure the key and tumbler are at 12 o'clock position, change the tumbler and tighten the grub screw.. As simple as that..



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There was an original in good condition on UK eBay a year or so back that went for ÂŁ250!

A similar item sold a week or so back for ÂŁ130.

My BJ8 is missing the lock so always on the lookout but not at these prices.
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