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TR2/3/3A glass rattled on the gas gauge


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Well I just about got the dash center gauge section installed when I notice the curved glass rattled on the gas gauge. I thought it would be an easy fix, but no. I tried a couple of 0 rings and some rubber backing, but no. Anyways what have others done to seat that glass?


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I used a little duct seal compound that I had laying around. Also good for sealing up the firewall where the O-rings don't fit well.


I have not worked on TR2/3 gauges but for other cars with 52mm Smiths gauges I have used the vinyl spline used to hold screen material into screen window frames. The spline is available in several diameters so you might have to buy several sizes to find what works. The spline material has sort of an extruded star profile and is hollow in the center. That allows it to conform to the glass/bezel easier and better than o-rings. An alternate that you can find on eBay U.K. is foam cord stock. Like the screen spline, it also conforms better to the glass/bezel profiles.

The link below is to an eBay.co.uk listing for gauge seal kits.

The link below is to an eBay.co.uk listing for 3mm foam cord seal material. From the same seller it is also available in 4mm diameter.

The second seller also offers bezels and glass. I don't know if they have anything specific to the TR2/3.
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