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TR4/4A Girling brake drums/rear innards - tr4


Jedi Hopeful
Can anyone post-up a picture of how the shoes and in particular the retaining springs & clips go together.

I have the backing plates on, I have the cylinder and the adjuster barrel in properly, but for the life of me I cannot remember how these three items assemble and orient themselves about the brake shoes:
+ the little coil springs
+ the clips
+ the flat faced pins

A photo would be great, but at worst a verbal description is better than nothing.



Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
Do you need more than the diagram from the workshop manual?

The overall orientation is a bit odd, but I believe all the components are in the right place.


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Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
Oh wait, you said coil springs. With them, you have to hold the pin in place, compress the spring and washer down over the end of the pin, then turn the washer 1/4 turn (either direction) to lock it in place.


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Jedi Hopeful
While we are on the subject of brake innards...

the cast bracket (for the e-brake arm/actuator)that attaches to the rear brake backing plate is held in place by three "spring" clips - like little metal forks (you guys know what I'm referring to);

anyway, the little spring clips holds the bracket in place firm/snug, but there is some lateral "slide" play up/down - is that normal?

also, the rubber bootie (as supplied new from Moss) that surrounds the clips and the e-brake actuator/arm passes through - it doesn't fit really well at all - is that normal? (i have it mounted on the outer/exterior side of the brake backing plate- not mounted internally in the drum itself)

thanks again....and again.


Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
Both quite normal. The "cast bracket" also carries the single-action actuating piston, which means it has to move slightly when the brakes are applied, so that both shoes go outwards against the drum. You may also have to move it around a bit to get things lined up so the drum will go into place.

The rubber bootie does go on the outside, and it doesn't fit very well. In theory, it stretches around the edge of the retaining plates, but mine usually just winds up being held by the e-brake lever.


Jedi Warrior
Wes, the brake cylinder should slide front to back and will have some north south movement as well. As Randall mentioned it's normal. I use white grease as a lube since you do want the cylinder to move. As far as the rubber boot goes it's not a very good design but it's been that way for many years so we all just deal with it.
Hope all is well.
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