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gearbox and overdrive


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As some may know, I'm restoring a BJ8.
Chassis, Shrouds, doors, fenders, hoods, axles, differential, steering, brakes and electrical I have finished and installed. At the moment the vehicle is in the paintshop.

Right now I have the gearbox and the overdrive on the table. I took the overdrive apart, cleaned it and measured it. There are some good restoration instructions and videos on youtube (A-Type Overdrive for Triumph) that helped me a lot. Now I am waiting for some spare parts that I want to exchange (bearings, shims, seals etc).

Next, the gearbox should be restored.
Now my question:
There are experiences on which parts in the gear you should pay particular attention. Which parts should be exchanged? On my last project (Triumph TR 3) the gearbox was still in top condition.


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Center-shift transmission: First motion shaft / gear - rebuilt replacements are available, syncrochromesh 2, 3 and 4th gear - replace with the better ones; gear selector(s) (bent or worn? easy fixes); check balls and springs (what's their condition? Are any missing?), shift lever bushing (often missed on rebuilds). Gaskets and mating surfaces (source of fluid leaks on Healeys). GONZO
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