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TR2/3/3A Gear reduction starter problems


Luke Skywalker
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Went out to move the TR3 to another garage and as soon as I pushed the starter button there was a pop and then nothing. Not even a red ignition light for a while. It came back. tried to jump the starter with a cable from the + battery to the starter and all it did was spark. No engagement. Reading something here years ago where something freezes up due to the heat from the down pipe. I wrapped my so I would have this problem. Surprise! Any suggestions?


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The “nothing” for awhile would lead me to think one of the large cable connections is loose or dirty. If it were the starter itself, it would not have affected the rest of the electrical system. So, connections to look at in easiest to check order:

Neg cable from battery to solenoid
Pos cable from battery to body
Cable from solenoid to starter
Cable from engine to Frame at left front.


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If you put the transmission in 4th gear, are you able to roll the car a foot or more?
I'm just wondering if the starter is hung up on the flywheel ring gear


Luke Skywalker
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Charged the battery, cleaned the terms which weren't cruddy at all and also tried rocking the car thinking like poolboy. The only thing is now the starter tries to engage and I can hear it hitting but no turning of the motor. latter today I'll try tapping it with a hammer like I use to to with the Lucas starter.


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Have heard of the bolts in those starters coming lose. Not sure what effect that would have on it's performance.

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