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Gasket sequence manifold to carburetor


Senior Member
Hi all. having trouble figuring out the sequence of installation of the gaskets between the intake manifold and the carburetors on my wifes BJ8. I have a metal faced gasket, a black fiber gasket, and a red fiber gasket. these are the gaskets that go between the manifold and the plastic block, the plastic block and the heatshield, and the heatshield and the carburetor. Have checked the shop manual( hayes and the big green one) no luck. please help
Here's how I do it:

1) metal faced gasket; metal side to manifold (that's where the heat is)
2) plastic (bakelite?) spacer
3) paper gasket (usually, they're black)
4) heat shield
5) paper gasket #2
6) carburettor

This is one place I don't use any 'gasket goop;' never needed it.
A timely question. I just bought a set of new "carb to heatsheild gaskets" from Ahead4healeys.co.uk here in the UK. They sent the paper gaskets. I called them and they don't have the metal faced gasket and didn't seem to know what I was talking about. There is a metal faced gasket already on the car as described above but fitted the wrong way round according to the post but it seems sensible to me that the metal should face the engine. I called Ahead4healey and looked up AHspares and neither of them sell the metal face gasket. Not sure where to get one over here so I am considering re-using the old one but am worried about leaks, don't want to have to take the carbs off again! Should I use the old gasket with some gasket sealant, any thoughts would be appreciated?
Thanks AJ
...I am considering re-using the old one but am worried about leaks, don't want to have to take the carbs off again! Should I use the old gasket with some gasket sealant, any thoughts would be appreciated?
Thanks AJ

As long as the gasket has no holes or tears I think it can be re-used (IIRC, I did just that on my recent rebuild). I've had trouble getting a good seal at the exhaust manifold to downpipes junction, esp. since the 'good' gaskets--with asbestos--haven't been available for years. I've been putting a smear of this stuff:


on both sides of the gasket, and double-nutting the studs--with anti-seize grease on the studs--with steel nuts and gotten good seals. Some of the downpipe gaskets were perforated silver metal--thin steel presumably--and some were copper-faced with a white material sandwiched between the metal and neither would give a good seal without the sealant and the double nutting (I tried new SS studs and new brass nuts to no avail). For the carb gaskets be sure to use only a thin smear else a gob could break loose and get into the engine (not much of an issue on the exhaust side).

I could swear I bought the metal-faced gaskets from Moss, but the newest catalog only shows what appears to be the paper gaskets.
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