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Wanted Gas tank for TR6


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How bad is yours?? They sell alum ones $$$$ TR 4 are the same. Tell us more what you have and what you want I have some guys to ask or who you can contact in Portland OR. Madflyer


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Thanks. I just bought a '74 TR6 that's been up on blocks in a garage since '86. A lucky no rust all original find. Obviously a lot to do and the gas smells like you would expect. There is some blackish gas smelling thick liquid oozing from the bottom of the tank into the boot. I haven't taken it out yet as I am still trying to figure out where the drain is. Anyway, there is obviously a hole somewhere and I think a new one is the way to go. Thanks for the help.


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The only drain is the gas line and it will not let all the gas out. As it is made as a clam shell the seam is where to rust will form. If it is not bad a radiator shop can fix it but it will then need to be resealed as in coated. It is a three part system and you can get a kit from any motorcycle shop ( Note TR gas tanks hold 12.5 gal. ) I used one kit for my tank while the tank was out and the car was at the paint shop. 27 years later I have never had a problem.

Being a West Coast car it is a good find. sitting since 86 leaves a lot of work and looking into. This is a good place to report things for others to follow. Is this work in your wheel house or will a lot of this be done by others. And last find club for extra support. Madflyer
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