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TR2/3/3A Gas Line


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When putting in a new gas line is it important to bend the line like the original (like the goose neck from the tank ) or will a inline filter do the job?


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So you are saying that the goose neck bend in the line just below the tank outlet was for sediment? I am just about to bend a new line and did not have the old line to use for a template. But I did notice that each of the other TR fuel lines I have from other cars ( TR4's) all have that bend below the tank outlet. The advice to put a filter on the intake line is counter to the advice that the filter should be on the pressure side of the pump not the intake side. I have also seen advice that says it does not matter where the filter is located. But I tend to believe in the pressure side of the argument.


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I never thought about the reason for the gooseneck. It would not collect water or sediment, as the line is small enough to pull the contaminants on down the line. It is probably to allow any leaks from the fitting to drip straight down to the ground, rather than running along the line and accumulating on the frame and body?!? Filter is a must...I can see arguments for suction or pressure side. Either way, it won't matter for a good filter, and a clogged one will stop the flow.

Graham H

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The original fuel pump has a sediment bowl with a filter which is on the suction side of the pump, I would put the goose neck bend in the pipe to match the factory .



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I think the gooseneck is there so the line acts more like a spring to dampen movement and vibration. It might have also made it easier to get the line attached during assembly.


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+ 1 on Marx-5 comment.

This is my filter before the pump. I have driven about 1500 miles and this is what was collected by the filter.
The tank was clean and had been empty for 25+ years before I used it. Also all new lines.

fuel filter resized.jpg


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David did your line have a gooseneck as well? Based on all the replies a gas filter is a given regardless of the shape of the line Thanks to all for the info.


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My thoughts are, with metal lines a little wiggle room is needed to get the line separated and reattached without kinking the metal line. The ½ loop gives that free play.
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