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FYI - AH BJ8 super car for sale


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I thought you would find this interesting. There have been articles on Jim's car in a number of U.S. based publications. This advert. covers some of the special things on the car but doesn't begin to tell the whole story. No financial interest on my part.



Ah Spare's site is down at the moment, but I know the car. It's a well engineered car and a great build, but a car that really has a limited use. It wouldn't be accepted to most vintage racing grids and a little more then you would want for classic street time and distant rallies. So that leaves the occasional hill climb events or if you have deep enough pockets, I suggest the La Carrera Panamerica....I'd be happy to co-drive with anyone able to buy the car and put a team together.:eagerness: https://lacarrerapanamericana.com.mx/home/



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Dougie, yes the La Carrera Panamerica would be a great venue for that car! Jim has participated in many Open Road type events (I've run a few too.. very fun) and hill climbs in Texas. I particularly liked his story of be being dismissed at the driver's meeting as driving an old slow English car by a high end Italian car guy (I think it was a Lambo, or a Maserati) ... the Italian car driver thought the old English car might get in his way .... right up until Jim blew them off on the road in a very decisive power display... that had to be worth the price of admission :cool:.

Here's a short clip of Jim participating in a Pikes Peak Hill Climb.

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