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Spitfire Fuel Sender Unit


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The fuel sender unit in my 1980 Spitfire is not working like it should. I suspect the float is full of fuel. I've eliminated the gauge by simply touching the wires together at the tank, so I know the guage works. When off, the gauge goes to empty. When on, it jumps right on up to full -- and I know it's not full. I understand there are floats for other cars that will fit in my car, but I don't know what those models are, and I don't want to remove the sender unit until I have a replacement. Anybody know? And does anybody know why I can't put a right-side-up picture of my car in this forum? Everytime I try to import it, it's upside down. Even when I turn it upside down to begin with, it's still upstide down. Thanks!

Trevor Triumph

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I've replaced the sender in both spitfires and the Herald. I think the usual suspects have replacements... Moss, Rimmer Bros., Spit Bits, The Roadster Factory, British Parts Northwest.
Regarding the picture - your on your own.



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Yeah, I know where I can get a replacement. I was just trying to be cheap and just replace the float with something that hopefully would be a bit more dependable than the one originally designed for the car. Thanks all the same.
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