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TR2/3/3A Fuel line run from pump to carbs


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Getting ready to bend my new fuel line from the pump to the carbs.

I have seen the line run below the thermostat housing and then back to the front carb. I have also seen photos of the line run behind the thermostat housing. Some photos I have found on the web.

Which way is better or correct?




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In front and low is the correct way. There should be a holder which attaches to the lower thermostat cover bolt to hold the holder. The holder style changed with the year.


Note, the "loose" clip in the pic should go to the rear of the fuel line to hold the thermostat capilary to the line. It just fell down for the pic! Also note the vacuum routing is NOT correct in the pic.


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Thank you John.

I had seen that part. It was missing it from the kit. Was just thinking that people may have found the upper route may be less prone to vapor lock and certainly easier to bend.



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Easier to bend, but seems to me it would be more prone to vapor lock, being routed between two hot surfaces rather than around front where its in the relatively cool air from the radiator.

Anyway, I agree with John, low and up front, through a clip on the thermostat cover bolt.


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That is where it is going. Taking the bypass hose makes things easier. made a test line from copper and will order some copper copper/nickel line.

Thanks for the input.



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Hi David not sure if this helps but here is line I think fits your car:https://mossmotors.com/triumph-tr2-3-4/fuel-intake-emissions/fuel-system-tr2-3b--- anyways, there are 3 types of fuel hooks ups I know off for a tr3. I think for your TS it will be 680- 765 it also holds the vacuum line and it is the later version. The one in John’s picture is the middle one of the 3 I know of, and I have seen those on 1959 tr3 right after they did away with the braded lines, but really there always seems to be exceptions.
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