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TR2/3/3A Fuel Line Fitting at the Tank.


Jedi Hopeful
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I need a part number for the 5/16" male compression fitting that is on the fuel line coming out of the fuel tank. I've done some searches and looked in the SPC with no luck. Obviously not the same thread that we use here in the states.
Steve Baker


Obi Wan
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I believe it is a BSPP thread, 1/4-inch nominal size. It takes an ordinary 5/16-inch tube and ferrule. (I'm going from memory here, which is always a little dangerous in my case.)

BSPP is the old British standard pipe thread, in the same way that BSF and BA are the old British screw-thread standards. Unlike our NPT pipe threads, BSPP is not tapered. It's still used today for certain kinds of hydraulic fittings, I'm told.

You probably can find these at places that deal with BS parts.



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I have a couple of the 1/4" tube nuts bought from Moss - checked them on my old fuel pump. They are 1/2-20 threads and also fit the 5/16" input which has the same threads.


An American tube nut with 1/2-20 threads would screw in, but would it be long enough to seat? Not sure what the socket is like on the bottom of the tank. Maybe one would have to double up on the compression rings.

Anyway, seems like it would be easier to just buy the nuts from Moss for $4.


Jedi Hopeful
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I did uncover a thread dealing with this subject and it looks like TRFs TR6 SPC is much more detailed than the TR3 SPC and shows a break down of all the fittings which are compatible with the TR3.
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