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General TR Fuel filter before the pump.


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I added a fuel filter between the tank and the fuel pump. The tank was dry and clean when I installed it in the car. It had sat in a basement for 25 years+

After a year and 1000 miles this is what has collected in it. Shows it was worth it to protect the fuel pump fuel strainer.

fuel filter resized.jpg


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I had a fuel filter back there once and it plugged and shut me down 100 miles from home at the top off a mountain pass, right at the top! I did not have an extra, so I ended up cutting off the numb at the inlet and spliced the lines together with that ½ numb after fighting things for like 2 hours. The complications started after I pulled off the glass bowl to see if the screen was plugged. The rubber gasket there magically expanded about a 3/8 of an inch, and I could not get back in to seal. Finally, I used some electrical tape on the bowl and got the pump to seal then figured out it was the filter because I forgot about it. Now I let the fuel flow and the crud settle at the bottom of the float bowls, fuel pump screen, or screens in the float bowls.
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