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Fuek Tank Sender - does this seem right to you?


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Trying to figure out a sender for the Vauxhall. It has an AC Delco sender (the Vauxhall) - it is complete but will need rebuilding.

On my Vauxhall board they suggested this - but I seem to recall the Midget has a friction slip ring holding everything in place.


So, do ours have 6 hole flanges? and, does anyone know the ohm range of Spridget senders?


Not being a Spridget guy I can only speak in generalities. BMC introduced the bimetallic gauge system in the mid-1960s. Cars from the early 1960s had a "magnetic" gauge system. Those gauges have the skinny tapered needle that jumps up to its reading as soon as you turn the key to the run position. The early sender will have a NOMINAL resistance range from about 90 Ohms = Full to 10 Ohms = Empty. After the mid-1960s the gauge system changed to bimetallic and the voltage stabilizer was added. Those are the gauges which respond slowly and have "wide" rectangular needles. The senders that work with those gauges will have a NOMINAL resistance range of 270 Ohms = Empty to 33 Ohms = Full.

I have no idea what your Vauxhaul will have or need. However, there is a suggestion I can offer. Visit the Spiyda Design website in the U.K. and consider adding their Gauge Wizard to your car's fuel gauge circuit. That will allow you to adapt virtually any sender to your gauge.

Link to Spiyda Design Gauge Wizard

SD Bugeye

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I Second the Spiyda solution
i have there tach kit in the bugeye love it
gauge wizard is still on the shelf maybe this winter.


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I've never seen that Spiyda solution -- very cool. I will need to try that on my cars.
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