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Front wing flash fixing holes


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How many holes are usually pre drilled in the front wings that the chrome side wing flash fixes to? ( I believe you chaps call them fenders?)
The flash requires 3 fixing holes but my wings also have 2 additional larger holes that seem to serve no purpose.


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Hey Jeepster,
I have a BN2 and my wings have three holes for the flashes. Can't recall about other models I have owned but would assume the same since think the flashes are common to all models. Have no idea what the other two larger holes would be for.
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The flash needs three on a BJ8. How far apart are the and where are they located? You may have had a badge of some kind if they are only a few inches apart.


Some 3000 cars had two approx 3/8" holes in between the three spear mounting holes but I don't know for what reason.


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The two 3/8" holes are the ones I am questioning?
It seems as if they were there from the factory but I can see no reason why? They are almost large enough for the edges to be seen even when the flash is fitted.


Yep... Maybe there was some sort of stand that used them to hold the panels during production. They sparked my curiosity recently when installing a cold air duct on a very original one owner Tricarb and I could see daylight coming through where the edges of the holes are below the spears.

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