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TR2/3/3A Front Suspension


My 59 TR3A has a bad case of understeer. The car has Spax adjustable shocks - were on the car when acquired. Don't know if it's the steering box, shocks, tires (tires have great tread - but are older), alignment or what. Any ideas where to start?


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In stock form these cars naturally understeer a bit, but can be accelerated into oversteer pretty easily. Your only adjustment is toe. Excessive toe in can cause understeer, so you should check that first. Camber would be next, but there are no adjustments for camber. If it is off, you have a bent component.

Of course, tires are where the rubber hits the pavement. You could have old tires up front that have hardened and lost their grip...


There's a really good tire shop for sports cars in Cincinnati (owned and operated by a former racer and race mechanic) - I'll start out with new tires and alignment and see where that takes me. I have wire wheels - is there anything special I need to know prior to buying the new tires?


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Your tire pressures are fine. I had two Corvairs that required about 10 lbs. higher pressure in the rear tires to cut down on oversteer. Many owners forgot and paid the price.
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