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TR2/3/3A Front Hub and Felt Seal


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I installed the front right hub and set the castellated nut correctly as to spec and the hub spins freely. On the left hub I did the installation the correct way but there is resistance when I spin the hub /rotor and a scraping sound? Slackening off the nut causes too much free play? Would a felt seal that is too thick cause this? There are other older posts on the forum that discuss this issue that I have read. Some say you have to trim the seal with a razor blade.Also is it possible that the metal portion of the seal is protruding so as to rub on the vertical link???That would account for the scraping! I'm going to take the hub off again and check it out. Anyone heard of a nitrile seal to replace the felt one?


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The felt washer causes resistance. You can install and torque the bearings and nut without the felt, then mark where the nut ends up, and put it all back together with the felt. I would be more worried about the one that's spinning freely.

Nothing should be scraping. Usually when I get scraping it's the brake backing plate rubbing on the rotor. I just bend it out of the way.
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