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Front End Shake



Freshman Member
Your overdrive problem may be caused by the solenoid operating erratically, as you have BJ8 it is going to be a bit awkward getting access on the BJ7 I can easily remove the gearbox tunnel. With the ignition on and the O/D switch on, can you hear clicking when you move the gear lever across the gate, that would be the solenoid coming into action. That is straight for the jugular, it could be that the gear switch has worn if it is intermittent, there are a number of checks you can carry out on the various switches that are in the circuit, have you got the workshop manual ?


I filled the OD unit with Castrol 20/50 w Zinc and after the 2nd test drive the OD starting working! So much nicer cruising down the highway this morning, made my day! Now have it at a shop to balance wires/tires and alignment- I hope that takes care of my front end shake that starts around 55 MPH. Its running better since I brought the idle down under 1 grand too.


Great Pumpkin
Did you ever actually test the wheels to see if they need straightening?

Raise front end.
Point your finger toward the edge of the rim.
Spin the tire by hand, and see if the rim moves in and out from your finger.
If yes, the wheel is out of true.

Also - straightening an out of true rim can sometimes permanently weaken the steel.

Just sayin'

Tom M.


Freshman Member
It’s at the shop today so I’ll have to check this out and hopefully they can fix the problem with balancing an alignment but I understand what you’re saying thank you
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