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Flying car completes first inter city flight


Jedi Knight
Country flag
It bothers me slightly that the prop sticks up above the spoiler.
Should be easy to make it less vulnerable.


Jedi Knight
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Neat, but three questions.
Will you need a pilot's license as well as a driver's license>
Will a mechanic need an A&P license?
Can it use the interstates for take offs andings?


Great Pumpkin
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Wonder what the glide ratio is on it? A pusher prop is a little more effective than a tractor, that's a plus, or should be. :thumbsup2:


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Wonder what the glide ratio is on it? A pusher prop is a little more effective than a tractor, that's a plus, or should be. :thumbsup2:
Glide ratio in a car? :nonod:
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