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TR2/3/3A Floor Pan Crack


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Well, I pulled the seats out today to look at my floor pans for the first time (see pictures below). Any ideas on what to do about the cracks around the hole where the seat track mounts? What about the rest of the pan. Leave as is or try and put down some type of rust inhibitor like POR15. This is a survivor car so I am not doing a restoration or anything just trying to keep it in good shape and useable.

Thanks for the help.

Floor Pan 1.jpgFloor Pan 2.jpgFloor Pan Crack.jpg

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You're gonna get several options...from nothing to a full rotisserie restoration with new sheet metal.
But...what I would do it stop drill each crack. If you have a welder available, weld the cracks up. Grind off, paint (whatever you have) then gusset the hole.
I would at least spot weld a gusset on the inside to keep it from re-occuring....as opposed to underneath where someone might see it and question the gusset.
If you don't care, underneath works, too.
But whatever you do, stop-drill it now.


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I agree to stop drill the cracks and weld them. As your nut in a cage is underneath this hole you need to reinforce the floor here. Ideally it would be best to weld a patch on the underside after removing the nut and cage. Replacing the cage and nut is again ideal but you can avoid this by just placing a washer and nut under that bolt.
From the picture it looks like in picture one that the floor to frame bolt in the upper right also has a crack starting in the floor. Not a big concern but while you are dealing with the other hole --- and the snowball begins.
Good luck,


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Yeh drill a 3/16 or so hole at the end of the rip/tear in the metal to stop the run and pop rivet or weld a small piece of metal maybe 6x6 inches or what fits for a re-enforcement and call it good and drive.


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I found the same problem with my TR4 drivers side floor when I took the seat out at the beginning of my restoration.

I also stop drilled the ends of the cracks, welded the cracks and ground flat, then welded in large washers around the seat mounting holes to strengthen the area on both the drivers and passengers sides.
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