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TR4/4A Flood restoration Latest


Jedi Hopeful
Flood restoration up-date

I am down to installing the new interior and sorting through some electrical gremlins. I need to remove and clean the gauges. Any suggestions on best way to clean the face of the gauges? There is a waterline and fine silt on them.

Funny story about initial conversation with insurance company.

Adjuster: I am sorry that I have bad news. We are going to have to total the Triumph.

Me: Huh? I can restore it for less than 75% of the value, which is the trigger for total loss.

Adjuster: We have a policy that if the dash is under water we automatically total it.

Me: Huh? Why's that?

Adjuster: Well that's where all of the computers, electronics and air bags are.

Me: It's a 1962.

Adjuster: Yes, and we are especially afraid of electronics that old.

Me: It's a 1962. There are no computers or electronics. Besides, if there were, they would have been made by Lucas and they would have caught on fire or stopped working long ago. And, I assure that the only air bag that has ever been in that car is an old girlfriend.

Adjuster: Long long pause.......... I need to speak with my supervisor.


Jedi Knight
Re: Flood restoration up-date

I had a water line on the only gauge that didn't implode from the water pressure. Within a year or two of the salt water addition, all the "electronics" (including wire) were not useable because of corrosion. I found suitable replacements and keep the ammeter for show-n-tell. You can open them up and clean them but be careful of too strong a cleaner or you will wipe the white lettering completely off the face. I used a q-tip and mild soap on the face and needles and glass cleaner on the lens (of the replacements). If I were you, I'd clean the mechanical portions as well being sure to lubricate anything that moves in any way. This stuff is rugged and will take some abuse, but water takes a special toll.


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