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Flat Spot on my Weber 32/36 DGV


Freshman Member
Okay, so i went ahead and sprung for a weber that supposedly makes every MG more reliable and more economical. i got it installed along with a mallory dual point distributor, but there is one problem: I'll admit it, I've never witnessed a car this old start up this fast. And it idles all day long. But when you push on the gas, there is this gigantic flat spot in the accelerator in which no gas come out. To see what was up, I turned off the car, and got under the hood, and finally proceeded to remove the air filter so i could see the innards of the carb at work. Then I push gas in and I see what's happening. For the first bit of the stroke of the gas release(?) valve, or switch, or whatever it is called, it puts gas in, but for the entire middle section of it, it cuts off completely. Not until the very end of the stroke (about the time when the second larger chamber opens up) does it put gas in the carb again. Surely it's not supposed to run this way! I'm gonna call weber tomorrow, but honestly, the opinions of the people on this forum seem to work much more often.

So anyone with some helpful information is welcome to post.

Thanks a lot guys,

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Senior Member
Just type in weber 32/36 flat spot in google. I read somewhere that it is an easy fix but I can't remeber where.

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