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Flasher Unit

Still on my friend's BN7, running just wonderful now thanks to all the earlier input.

Now on to the turn signals. The front and rear lights come on, left and right, as they should, but do not flash. The dash indicator light does not come on at all. Have a new flasher with the markings "12v 42w" and "SFB 100".

I have the wires installed as such: Terminal "L" gets the Dk Green; "P" gets the Lt Green; "X" gets the Green/Purple(?), maybe it's brown.

I can see only a single wire going to the dash indicator; should there be two?

Is there a place online to view a wiring diagram?

Many thanks,


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All diagrams that I have show the flasher having 3 terminals L,P,and B. I can only assume your X is same as B, based on the other two terminals being correct.
B is power supply from fuse box 35 amp fuse
L runs to terminal 1 at flasher box under hood
P runs to the indicator on dash
Indicator light shows a ground running to the tachometer.

Wire colors:
B = Green
L = Green with Brown
P = Light Green

Based on this it looks like you have two wires swapped at X(B?) and L.
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