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Fixing the Hood of my BN6


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Has anybody of you thought about a third/centered fixing point or hook of the hood of a BN6? When driving in the rain, water enters my car in the middle of the front screen since the hood is not tight at the frame there. Thus I am thinking about a mechanism in the middle of the front screento tighten the hood. Any ideas?


John Turney

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The aluminum trim piece on the front of the hood is suppose to hook over the lip at the top of the windshield frame. With that and the rubber molding on the bottom of the front bow, mine keeps the rain out from there.
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Are you certain that you have the correct 2-seater front bow?

The bow for the BN4/BT7 cants rearward opening up a gap most pronounced in the middle of the windshield.


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Are you certain that you have the correct 2-seater front bow?

The bow for the BN4/BT7 cants rearward opening up a gap most pronounced in the middle of the windshield.

Mine must be incorrect as it has a slight gab in the center. I use a strip of 1/2" square foam tape across the top of the windshield in rainy weather. Works well.


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Gents, I use the duck tape work-around, too ;-) But I asked me if there is a better solution for that the aluminium trim peace hooks tighter in the middle of the front screen as it does on the left and right end. For wahtever reason the trim peace of the hood does not fiit tightly in the middle of the front screen. Volker
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