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Fixing Dime sized chip


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What is the best way to fix a chip in the paint that is slightly larger than the usual spec size chips that all cars get from regular use?


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Depends on where it's located and what kind of paint is on your car.
Single stage paint can usually be matched, and touched up with an air brush after a little prep work, then buffed out so the edges can't bee seen.
2 stage of Base/ clear paint is harder as when you try to just touch up a small spot you all most always see the edge of rhe repair. If not prepped right, the base color will be sprayed over the old clear, and you'll get a "shadow" or at least a variation in the appearance of the color.
Also, paint with metallic (sparkleys) in it is tough to match as the pieces of metallic have a "grain" to them when sprayed. If they don't lay the same as the old paint did then you get a "blotch" ,where, under different light, the repair will stand out..
But all this isen't as important if the chip is down where it's not staring you in the face. the lower on the car it is, the easier it is, because it's in a less noticable location with less direct sunlight.
If it takes more than a touch up bottle, and your not comfortable trying to spray, then I would seek out a body shop that is reputable enough to do a good repair.


A dime sized chip is harder to deal with. Eastwood made/makes a kit that helps you sand level and buff out the repainted chip areas but you're getting to a size that their kit wasn't designed for.

I dropped a wrench on my repainted fender. I used 2 component urethane paint and knew the repair would be difficult. Even though I was using paint from the same batch that the car was painted with, the color and finish in the repaired area is slightly different. I don't think most people would notice it... but since I did the repairs I'm painfully aware of where it is.

I use the air brush method described above along with careful masking to minimize the affected area.
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