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TR2/3/3A Fitting Modern Steel Wheels


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I am on a recovery mission to retrieve a TR3 that was originally equipped with steel wheels. Its abandoned in the woods and someone has stolen the original wheels. My thought is to fit steel wheels that will fit the bolt pattern and help me slide it across the ground to the trailer. I know some wheels will fit on the rears as they are drums, but the fronts can be a problem with the brake disc. Also what size/thread are the lug nuts? This one has been outside for 30 plus years so I'm trying to keep my investment low. ehem. I'm cheap.

Steve Baker


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Studs are 7/16-20

As a strictly temporary solution, only for moving the car at zero speed, I suspect you could load a couple of flat washers on each stud behind the wheel and get enough room for it to turn. Worth a try, anyway.
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