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MGB First shake down.


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Thanks to detailed instructions from this site my Little car got its first turns around the neighborhood, even filled up with gas... no the gage didnt move at all. In the beginning it was a bit rough with a bit of sputtering on acceleration. With a bit of running around and going through the gears it evened out and pulled solid. About as solid as my beat little motor ever has. Out side of a frightening dive to the left when brakes are applied, nothing to huge. As an update on my gages and switches on the dash. All have been spliced in to and brought to a solid ground. The only difference was the tach redlined with more gusto then it used to. Still acts like a voltmeter. Few a few min the day i piut my coolant system back together and after blowing out the heater core my fan kicked on and blew the hottest air i ever felt come from a car heater. Were getting close!:encouragement:


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WOOHOO! :banana:

Mickey Richaud

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Now, drive the heck out of it and enjoy!


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if there is one thing i do... its push my cars:cool-new:
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