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Finding Datsun 210 transmissions or other obscure used components


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I have a search entered into 'Row52.com' for a '1979-82 Datsun 210 Transmission', and I'll get an e-mail a couple of times a year from them that such an animal has been found at a particular auto parts yard. I should delete the request as I don't need one anymore, but if I did, then I'd be hoping that it was one of the yards that had some folks associated with it that I could contact and agree on a price to pull the thing and ship it.
I don't think I need any more assemblies like that but if - for example - I dreamed of converting one of our BE's to front discs and wire wheels, then 'Row52' would be a potential option.
Figure most folks are aware of this, but just in case.... Doug


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Theres one in New Mexico or AZ right now listed for $899 plus $125 to ship.
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