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MGB Finally got my 78 MGB on the road

Frank C

Freshman Member
Finally got my 78 roadster on the road after this brutal winter in the Northeast. I am a new owner and new to the Forum. I spent the winter replacing exhaust system, gulp valve, anti-run on valve, emissions hoses, etc.
I have the dual electric radiator fans and one of them is not working. I will be taking it apart to see what is wrong. Any tips/tricks on getting them out? Do I need to move the radiator?
Another question: How long do those fans run after shutting the car down?


Staff member
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Frank, welcome, before you do anything check and clean your grounds and your fuse terminal connections - don't ask me how I know


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Congrats on getting the car back on the road. Still snowing here in Utah (couple fresh inches this morning) -- makes me feel a little better that my car is still in pieces.

Don't know much about the later fans, but I'd be surprised if you have to remove the radiator to pull them.


Jedi Warrior
:DDrive that car! This morning it couldnt decide if it wanted to flurry or rain so it gave up on both. Im glad some one got it worse then me. :p IM also working on a 78. When you find the reason one fan works and the other does not be sure to post it as it was giving me a hard time as well. If it makes you feel any better it never caused me any harm in the colder months.


Great Pumpkin
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If you can spin it freely by hand, do the things JP suggests before anything else. If it resists spinning then the motor is suspect.

...and WELCOME to the FORUM!!
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