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final question [tonight] - cleaning transmission


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I'm contemplating power washing my transmission this week - are there any water entry points that I need worry about? I currently have something over the shifter opening.


Great Pumpkin
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Rear and front shaft connections and as you said the shifter opening.


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When you are finished washing it, open up the side cover, drain it out and squirt oil all over the gears or they will rust.


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Steam cleaned mine some time ago. I replace the front housing gasket, rear seal and top cover gasket when I was done just for good measure. Been good since. also did the pinion seal on the diff and no gasket between the diff and housing. Knock on wood. All still tight. Mainly keep the water of the front shaft and shisfter inlets. One of the bellhousing bolts should also have a copper washer on it. (Pretty sure the bottom one.) I also found the shaft for the release arm would tend to work itself out so I replaced it with a modified 5/16 grade 8 bolt and lock nut. Stopped that problem :wink:
We're cleaning up a Datsun tranny right now for a customer that has a Swiftune 1380 to mate to it, that we also checked out for him. The tranny even after cleaning is stained and discolored, so we removed any steel bits bolted on it, and will bead blast and repaint them and then use Duplicolor hi heat cast aluminum to paint the tranny case, this stuff looks jsut like fresh cast aluminum, and is extremely duarable.


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do you need hi heat for a tranny? or is that just the paint you have?
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