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TR4/4A Fiberglass Surrey Top question


Is the Surrey Top (targa to the rest of the world) supposed to have two studs attached to it? Or does something thread into the top, up from the frame? I have a surrey top, but there is no way to attach the rear of the surrey to the frame. What am I missing. Pics of what I have are on my profile page. Thanks.


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There should be some captive nuts inside the top. I just went out and looked at a fiberglass surrey top that I have in storage and I found the rear had two bolts hanging down with who knows what ever holding them in there. But I am sure they are not bolt heads up there but rather a nut up inside the top body. They are loose, so the nuts are not fixed but they are inside the top body and have the bolt attached to them. The front had only the two holes as you have.
I have two cars with the traditional metal surrey tops and on them. The top has fixed nuts inside the top and you use four bolts to come up through the back window piece and windshield to hold the top on.
Sounds like you will need to get creative to get some threaded piece ( nut) imbedded into the top.


Thanks Charley. Looks like I have two fiberglass tops for this car (pics in my profile). One has the latches but needs the captive bolts you describe. The other is fiberglass and has four studs. One on each corner. The upper windshield frame does not have holes to accommodate the studs. NBD. I'm parting the car out anyway. If anyone needs a surrey top, let me know.


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I know someone expressing an interest in one of those surrey tops.
I sent you a PM.
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