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TR4/4A Fenders off the car for paint?


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I believe the answer is that yes, fenders should be painted off the car, after fit issues have been addressed but I wanted to ask. This is for a 1966 TR4a.

Marv - figured I might as well push this project ahead while I continue to look for big Healeys.

thank you in advance for any coaching, hope everybody’s having a good weekend.


Darth Vader
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Hey Skip! Yes, I do my fitting up first and then take them off the car to paint. Now, if I were doing a metallic paint instead of a solid colour, I might rethink that approach.



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Marv has a lot of experience. I would say yes, and if needed you can put some blue tape on the area you fear might get bumped in the reinstallation. But I would guess it depends on if the color is a good match and how much further you want to get into the car. There could be some more work behind the fender.


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Thanks for the responses, and suspect it might be a tad warmer here than where you are Chef.

This is a Royal Blue car, going to stay Royal Blue so fenders off it is! She hasn't been apart before, too bad I can't save the original paint but there is some scab and a big fender in the fender so time to suck it up and get it done.


Darth Vader
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Winter hasn’t been to bad so far up here and we are almost half way through it so I’m happy about that.

I’m currently painting my TR250 in Royal Blue. Couldn’t find anyone locally to mix the factory Royal Blue formulation so I’m going with a Chrysler colour called Nightwatch Blue. It seems to be pretty close to the original royal blue that’s still left on the car.


Marvin Gruber

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I fit the fenders, do any body repair needed, remove fenders,doors and paint the underneath (same with tub) reinstall the fender/doors for exterior paint. Same for trunk and hood. I use single stage paint on the underneath panels. I take it to the paint shop for the finish paint in base clear. I can spray a decent coat on tub inside and underneath panels but don't attempt the finish. Saves quite a bit on the cost of painting. I probably put a lot more paint on the underneath panels thans needed but I feel it seals it from rust more.


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Drum roll, THE most important thing when the front wings are off. You must replace the scuttle drain hose
with a longer unit that will reach the bulkhead plate at the rocker. Drill a hole in the plate for the drain
to release water OUTSIDE of the inner fender. Caulk the hose in place with urethane.
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