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Fall Classic in Morgan Hill

Country flag
Good to see many of you forum guys at the Fall British car show in Morgan Hill last weekend. Two hundred beautiful examples of LBCs. (Yea, Roger won in the 3000 class, no contest there) No one told the town we were coming cause there were few places to eat lunch and those who were open were under staffed. Most stores were not open because it was Sunday. Hardly any place for dinner. But the cars and the show was superb.
We hit two hundred miles of rain and then thirty of snow on the way home. Healeys do well in snow on 8% grades (down) if you are in second and going 20 MPH. Lynn was not thrilled to say the least but was a trooper (I promised her wine).
I cannot believe how much water came in from above the wind screen. How do you seal that area? I've tried everything. Next time I'll try packaging tape across the top of the wind screen.


Obi Wan
Country flag
Hey TH,

As noted by TH, the show was wonderful. We are fortunate to live in an area that has great weather most of the year. I think that is why there are so many beautiful restored and unrestored cars here.

It was nice to talk to so many of the owners and meet some to the BCF members. Cheers!

TH, I spent a lot of time water proofing my windows. More time was spent on the side windows but that's not your concern at this time. To make the seal above the windscreen water tight takes patience, trial and fit. First you have to make sure the top is seating properly. That may entail if the top is set up right, or the windscreen may need to be moved forward or back. Moving the windscreen will affect the side windows. But it is what it is.

I used the correct weather strip for the top where it meets the windscreen but notice that I was getting wind noise in the center. I ended up going to the local auto parts store and buying a few different rubber seal strips. Then it was a matter of trying the different designs to find the right one that could be added to the "correct" weather strip I had. As you know, if I ad something I want it to look factory. So then it became how can I add this so it looks like it belongs. Then the drive test for air leak. Good no air leak. Then the water test. It leaked a little. Adjusting the strip a little solved the problem. Then I glued it in place.

If I had known of your situation, I would have offered you a look see at what I did.
Hope this may help you or point you in the right direction.
Nice to see you at the show. Your car looks handsome as usual with that wonderful luggage on the back.

Cheers and keep dry :smile:
tahoe healey
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Seldom use the top. Seldom drive in the rain. It does let in wind. I've tried many seals over the years. You never get the true test until you are driving at 70 mph with a driving rain. The rain goes straight up under the lip/flange. I think I'll try a tube type seal on the front flange. Stuff on top that press on the top of the chrome of the wind screen seems to do nothing. I'll carry the packaging tape anyway.


Obi Wan
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Sorry to hear you've tried many seals and you're stilling having problems.

If you spend enough time addressing all the windscreen and the side window seals, you can actually cut down the wind noise... a lot. My interior is a lot quieter at highway speed after I spent some time (a lot) adjusting the windows and the seals.

Now it does NOT leak in the rain. I know, you don't believe me, but it's true.

If you've got the time for a 3 hr drive to my place, I (we) can spend a day and address your problems.

I'm sure there are others here who have spent time on this issue and have cars that don't leak when driving in the rain.

Or... just carry a roll of tape in the boot. Actually the glovebox being within arms reach might be better. It'll be there right next to the monogramed Healey towels that catch those drips.

I'm serious about offering a full days help TH.
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