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Engineering class


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Happened many years ago, true story.

College of engineering where I studied required engineering statics for all the disciplines, a basic mechanical engineering class that is the study of structures and non-moving objects.

First day of class, there are 30 or so guys. And one girl. A cute girl, at that. Now cute girls studying to be engineers are kind of a rare thing, so she caught the eyes of at least some of the geeky engineering students.

Professor goes over the syllabus, and then starts talking about beams and moments. Everyone is dutifully taking down notes.

About a half hour into class, cute girl raises her hand. Guys are thinking "Hey, she's smart, she asks questions! Oh yeah, and she's cute.".

She asks: "Is this statistics?"


So, the other 30 students collectively bit their tongues, stifle a few chuckles, the professor smiles, and says no, this is engineering statics, and rattles off the call number.

"Oh, I think I signed up for the wrong class!"

So she gathers up her books and nervously leaves. Professor turns to the class and says what was on everyone's mind:

"Darn, she was cute, too.".

We all just cracked up at that point.