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TR6 Engine Will Not Shut-Down


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There is most likely a simple explanation as to why this has happened but I am wondering if this has ever happened to anyone else. Recently my TR6 showed excessive charge rates. I had the alternator checked and the report card indicated it was OK. The car was parked for one week while I left the area for business. Upon my return, the battery was completely dead and would not take a charge. I assumed I had a bad cell or two which had contributed to the excessive charging rate previously experienced. I replaced the battery with a new one. I also checked the car for any parasite voltage that may have caused the battery to run down during my absence. The passive voltage was measured at 3.5 milliamps which according to various sources is about normal for a car with a clock which I have in my after-market radio. This is a stock engine with an electronic ignition system in place of the points which I have had for several years.

Tonight I drove the car on a 30 minute run down some back roads just to check the charging rate and to get my Triumph fix for the night. Upon my return to the garage, the car would not shut-down. It continued to run as if the key was still on. I pulled the keys from the ignition switch but the engine continued to run. This is not the common dieseling problem but more of an ignition refusing to shut off problem. I had to pull the coil wire from the distributer to kill the engine. I then disengaged the battery from the car.

My first thought is the ignition switch has failed. Could there be another problem area I need to investigate?


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Thanks for the link. I'm on my way to the garage now to trouble-shoot the problem. The link described my situation exactly.


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Problem resolved. Some idiot (that would be me) incorrectly connected the fuse wiring. I went back to the manual and duplicated each wire going into/out of the fuse box. That fixed the problem.. Thanks for the link. Drove the car tonight without any problem.
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