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Engine rebuild


Freshman Member
The engine on my 1963 BJ7 was tired - so I decided to have it rebuilt to fast-road specification including:
Gas flowed head
Omega pistons
Steel flywheel
reprofiled camshaft
pair of 2"SU carbs
bespoke 6 branch exhaust manifold
bespoke s/s exhaust system

all balanced.

I took it to CCK to be set up on a rolling road - 172 bhp.


Luke Skywalker
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Nice results, hopefully you'll be able to put a few hunderd mile (kilometers) on it soon.


Freshman Member
I believe the camshaft is a Kent AH4. I have the printout from the rolling road session - but I can’t work out how to upload. I put about 1000 miles on the clock since the rebuild a few weeks ago. I used a company call A j B Engineering - they prepare a few cars for Goodwood Revival, Peter Auto etc. Great guys, with history going bacl]I to Elva and Trojan in the 60’s.
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